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Google Local Guide Levels: A Comprehensive Guide

Google Local Guides is a community-driven program that encourages users to contribute information to Google Maps and Google Search. By sharing reviews, photos, and factual data about places, Local Guides help improve the overall quality and accuracy of Google’s map services. In return, they earn points and ascend through various levels within the Local Guides program. This article will delve into the different levels of the Google Local Guides program, detailing how points are earned, the benefits of each level, and tips for advancing through the ranks.

What is the Google Local Guides Program?

Before diving into the levels, it’s essential to understand what the Google Local Guides program is. Launched in 2015, the program aims to enhance the information available on Google Maps by leveraging user-generated content. Participants, known as Local Guides, contribute by writing reviews, adding photos, answering questions, and updating information about local businesses and attractions. This crowdsourced approach ensures that the data on Google Maps remains current and reliable.

How to Become a Google Local Guide

Becoming a Google Local Guide is straightforward. Here are the steps:

Sign Up: Visit the Google Local Guides website and sign up using your Google account.

Contribute: Start contributing by adding reviews, photos, and information to Google Maps.

Earn Points: Each contribution earns points, which help you progress through the Local Guide levels.

Earning Points

Local Guides earn points for various activities. Here is a breakdown of how points are awarded:

Writing Reviews: 10 points per review.

Adding Photos: 5 points per photo.

Uploading Videos: 7 points per video.

Answering Questions: 1 point per answer.

Editing Information: 5 points per edit.

Adding New Places: 15 points per new place added.

Fact-Checking Information: 1 point per fact checked.

Creating Lists: 10 points per list created.

Adding Ratings: 1 point per rating.

Adding Descriptions: 5 points per description.

The variety of activities ensures that all types of contributions are recognized and rewarded.

Local Guide Levels and Benefits

The Google Local Guides program has ten levels. Each level offers different perks and recognition. Here’s a detailed look at each level:

Level 1: 0 – 4 Points


  • Access to Local Guides newsletter.
  • Participation in Local Guides Connect forum.

As a Level 1 Guide, you are just starting. The primary benefit is access to resources that help you understand the program better.

Level 2: 5 – 49 Points


  • Early access to new Google features.
  • Occasional perks like discount codes or invites to events.

Level 2 opens the door to more engagement with Google’s new products and services.

Level 3: 50 – 199 Points


  • Eligibility to apply for the Local Guides Connect live events.
  • Increased influence on Google Maps.

At Level 3, Guides start to have a noticeable impact on the Google Maps community. This level often marks the point where users begin to feel a strong sense of contribution.

Level 4: 200 – 499 Points


  • Free Google Drive storage (100GB for one year).
  • Higher visibility on Google Maps.

Level 4 is a significant milestone. The free Google Drive storage is a valuable perk for many users.

Level 5: 500 – 1,499 Points


  • Eligibility for Local Guides exclusive meet-ups.
  • Trusted reviewer status on Google Maps.

Level 5 Guides are considered trusted contributors, often relied upon for their consistent and high-quality input.

Level 6: 1,500 – 4,999 Points


  • Trusted testing opportunities for Google products.
  • Early access to new features and updates.

Level 6 marks a deeper involvement with Google’s product development and testing processes.

Level 7: 5,000 – 14,999 Points


  • Invitations to exclusive workshops and events.
  • Early access to select Google products and services.

At Level 7, Guides are seen as elite contributors, often invited to exclusive Google events and workshops.

Level 8: 15,000 – 49,999 Points


  • Higher chances to be featured in Google campaigns.
  • Special Local Guides badge.

Level 8 Guides are among the top contributors and often receive special recognition and features from Google.

Level 9: 50,000 – 99,999 Points


  • Access to premium perks from Google and its partners.
  • Advanced features and tools on Google Maps.

Level 9 is a prestigious level, where Guides receive significant benefits and recognition for their extensive contributions.

Level 10: 100,000+ Points


  • Top-tier recognition and perks.
  • Potential to influence Google Maps development.

Level 10 is the pinnacle of the Local Guides program. Guides at this level are highly influential and often work closely with Google on various initiatives.

Tips for Advancing Through the Levels

Here are some tips to help you advance through the Google Local Guides levels:

Consistency: Regular contributions are key. Try to set a goal for the number of reviews, photos, or edits you will contribute each week.

Quality Over Quantity: High-quality contributions are more valuable. Detailed reviews, clear photos, and accurate information will earn you more recognition.

Explore New Places: Expanding the range of places you review and photograph can help you earn points faster.

Engage with the Community: Participate in Local Guides forums and events to learn from others and share your experiences.

Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest Google Maps features and guidelines to ensure your contributions are relevant and useful.


The Google Local Guides program is a fantastic way to contribute to your local community while also benefiting from various perks and recognition from Google. By understanding the levels and how to earn points, you can make the most of your contributions and climb the ranks efficiently. Whether you’re just starting or are already a seasoned Local Guide, the program offers numerous opportunities to engage with your surroundings and help others discover new places. So, start exploring, contributing, and earning your way to becoming a top-tier Google Local Guide!

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